Rugged PC/104 Enclosure System

The Rugged PC/104 Enclosure System provides housing for PC/104 compatible modules with a water-tight seal, shock and vibration isolators, and onduction cooling provisions.

The Enclosure System is modular and can accommodate 1U, 2U, and 3U sized modules in between end caps.

For simplified 3D models of the components of the PC/104 Rugged Enclosure System, see below.

At the bottom of this page you will find the Rugged Enclosure 3D rendering downloads.

Download/View Rugged Enclosure Information Sheet

1U Gasket
1U Side
2U Top
2U Bottom
3U Connector
3U Internal
Enclosure Face
Enclosure Side


  • Meets IP65 specifications
  • Conduction cooling built into the design
  • Internal and external suspension
  • Isolator geometry and material can be tailored for a specific application


  • Modular system can be easily expanded to add additional segments
  • Segments (modules) come in 1U, 2U, and 3U sizes accommodating PC/104 compliant components and products of varying thicknesses
  • Modules assemble together for precise fit and optimum protection
  • Each module is joined together with an o-ring and labyrinth seal

Ordering Information for Rugged PC/104 Enclosure System

VPI sells the Rugged PC/104 Enclosure System in a modular fashion. Each endcap, segment, and accessory are priced separately. The 1U, 2U, and 3U segments each come with a mounting frame to mount your PC/104 board in the segment. Mounting frames and screws are included in the price of each segment.

Prior to requesting a quote and ordering a Rugged Enclosure System, please be prepared with the following items:

  1. You will need to determine your board stack-up. For example, if you are ordering an enclosure for a 3 board stackup, you might want to consider ordering a 3U segment and connect the boards together and mount the bottom board to the internal frame. This will give you more space for cables and connectors coming off the sides of the boards. You could also consider mounting each board in its own 1U segment and mounting frame to provide more rigidity to the system in a high vibration environment. The 1U segments in this examble allow for the boards to be connected together via the standard PC/104 connectors on the boards.
  2. You will need to determine your connector requirements. The standard Rugged Enclosure System parts do not have any holes in them for connectors. VPI will sell the enclosure components without customization or modification if you plan to mill the holes in your own machine shop.
  3. If you want to have VPI cut the connector holes in the Rugged Enclosure, please provide complete drawings showing all details of the location, diameter, and shape of the connector holes and any other machining details, such as logos and connector labeling. Please request solid models from VPI before completing drawings.
  4. Specify the finish of the rugged enclosure. The standard finish is black anodization. Other finishes are available including nickel plating and alodization.

Download/View Rugged Enclosure Information Sheet

This image shows a potential stackup for your PC/104 cards and a potential configuration for different rugged enclosure segment sizes. Please note that custom holes will need to be cut into the sides or endcaps of the standard rugged enclosure pieces for your connector/cable configuration. VPI can quote on machining those holes for you or you can cut your own after receiving the parts.

Rugged Enclosure


The files below are simplified 3D models of the PC/104 Rugged Enclosure System. Use these files for a generic system fit check, but do not use them for production.

Rugged Enclosure 3D Renderings: